Tikkits.com makes a splash--tickets worth about $190K sold on tikkits.com

Tikkits.com makes a splash--tickets worth about $190K sold on tikkits.com

Submitted by Jitesh Doshi on Sat, 10/20/2012 - 08:37
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Shreya Ghoshal

Tikkits.com was launched in August 2012 with Shreya Ghoshal shows in Orlando and Atlanta. The launch was a phenomenal success. $190,000 worth of tickets were sold. Both venues were sold out, each with 2,500+ seats. Tikkits.com thanks Paracha Entertainment for the trust placed with ticketing and seat assignment.

Tikkits.com is simply the best in event ticketing and seat selection. It provides point-n-click seat selection, fully automated e-ticket, online payment, mobile-enabled check-in, seat inventory management for all sales channels, and unparalleled service.


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