What We Do

Open Source high performance web & mobile is our passion. By integrating strategy, design, and development, we produce better products and create more delightful experiences. You save money and launch faster.

Development // Training // Consulting



Our developers share a philosophy about achieving the desired result with the least amount of code; in other words - efficiency. We would rather redesign the architecture and solve the problem with ten lines of code than apply patch upon patch to solve the same problem with hundreds.

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We provide customized, on-site technical training for your employees. Customized being the keyword here: because rather than giving you cookie-cutter training sessions from prepared materials, we customize the training specifically for your company, your employees, and the project's needs.

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As individuals who become experts in what we do, we are happy to provide you with professional consulting and advice that lets your teams build software of highest quality while also reducing costs. We understand the meaning of beauty and elegance in software systems as well as the purpose of software - that is to solve business problems. We have worked on many projects, and would love to share the expertise that we have accumulated in doing so.

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