Our Work

Here is some of the work that we have done in the past. Feel free to take a look and get an idea for the type of work and quality that we do for our clients!

What is RAG?

RAG stands for Retrieval-Augmented Generation, a system designed to improve large language models (LLMs). LLMs generate text based on an input. Most models are trained on a general dataset, meaning an LLM can never really know anything except what it has been trained on. Their are two main solutions to this issue, train on top of the model with new data (fine-tuning) or to feed the knowledge as input to the LLM (RAG). The LLM (generator) is augmented by retrieving data from a knowledge base.

RAG can be summarized to 4 steps:

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My Maids is Jacksonville, Florida's leading housekeeping/cleaning company since 1987. They have several teams of professional cleaners who service their new and old customers with high quality affordable cleaning. SpinSpire built their company portal mymaidscleaning.com for marketing, education, appointment scheduling, payments, and customer service.

The site is mobile-first, but also desktop-friendly. Highly optimized (near perfect Lighthouse scores!), accessible, and yet things are kept simple.

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  • Intelli-Bill's payment processing handles the personal patient balances and transactions for many medical facilities and clinics.
  • This payment portal will text users with a page to login to their account and see and pay their account balance within their mobile browsers.
  • The project uses a headless/decoupled single-page application built with Angular 8 and REST powered by a robust PHP API.
  • Multiple payment services integration.
  • Mobile-first development and responsive design.
  • SMS and url-shortening API integration.
  • Integration
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  • Gore medical creates creative technology such as vascular grafts, endovascular and interventional devices, and surgical meshes used by healthcare professionals.
  • Global medical manufacturing company with business on 5 continents and 25 countries.
  • Hosted on Acquia Site factory & later on Acquia Cloud
  • Complex
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  • Global guitar strings manufacturing company doing business on 5 continents and 25 countries.
  • Hosted on Acquia Site factory & later on Acquia Cloud
  • Complex content publishing and approval workflow
  • Elixir Strings created a unique coating for guitar strings to extend the tone life and protect the strings
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  • Global material sciences manufacturing company doing business on 5 continents and 25 countries.
  • Site translated into 15 languages.
  • Hosted on Acquia Site factory & later on Acquia Cloud
  • Complex content publishing and approval workflow
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  • Global textile manufacturing company with business on 5 continents and 25 countries.
  • Site translated into 15 languages.
  • Hosted on Acquia Site factory & later on Acquia Cloud
  • Complex content publishing and approval workflow
  • Products designed for an active life
  • Explore two product types
    • GORE-TEX INFINIUM-- made for comfort, flexibility, functionality, and style
    • ORIGINAL GORE-TEX-- Waterproof, windproof, and breathability
  • Find assorted prod
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  • Fedora Commons (Java-based document repository) integration with Drupal using Islandora
  • Customization of Islandora (a Drupal distribution) for improved performance and client needs
  • Major performance improvements by switching from SOAP-based to REST-based interfaces
  • Customized search and document serving via Apache SOLR (search engine)
  • Extensive templating and theming
  • Automated configuration magement and transfer and deployment from one environment to next
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  • Designed to walk managers through the various skills and knowledge that they will need to have in order to lead others
  • Users go through (online) training course and then must fill out a journal entry stating what they've learning in order to receive credit for the activity
  • Customized schedules for different levels (new manager vs existing manager at new location) and Geographies (North America, China, Eastern/Western Europe, Japan, Emerging Markets)
  • Integrations:
    • LMS (Moolde/Totara)
    • CDN
    • SSO (shibboleth)
    • Lynda.com
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  • Designed to allow employees to locate, track, and complete various training activities that must be completed in order to perform their jobs and keep up to date
  • Onboarding, team building, "continuous education" courses
  • Integrations including: 
    • LMS (Moolde/Totara) -- Learning Management System to deliver your eLearning programs
    • Single Sign-on via simpleSAMLphp
    • Custom APIs
    • CDN (Amazon S3 and Cloudfront) to serve assets
  • Fully responsive (mobile friendly) theme
  • Extensive search capabilities
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  • Membership management (Drupal with CiviCRM)
  • Online sale of tickets and marketing of cultural events (custom modules for generating PDF tickets with QR code,  attachment to email)
  • Email sales receipt with barcode, and scanning of barcodes to update attendance record (custom modules & themes for mobile phones, get barcode data and post to server)
  • RSS news feeds, photo album and other networking features like group email
  • Drupal with CiviCRM
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  • Web communities around software engineering topics like agile, configuration and testing - multiple portals with shared users and content using domain access
  • Registration portal for training and conferences
  • Complex publishing workflow and content management of content authored by experts
  • Mass migration of data, content and users from legacy portals (over 100,000 registered users)
  • CRM, payment processing, newsletters
  • Social media integration, ad-server integration, user analytics and several Web 2.0 API integrations
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  • Consumer portal to sell health, dental, life, supplimentary insurance and related products (heavy custom module coding, themeing and integration with other systems)
  • Highly configurable, interactive wizards to guide the consumer through a very complex buying decision (jQuery, AJAX, webforms)
  • E-Commerce with custom shopping cart and payment processing (jQuery, custom theme templates, AJAX posts to payment system)
  • Product catalog with side-by-side comparison of product features (views flipped tables, custom theme templates, views-bulk-operations/VBO, custom actions, views API hooks, custom views plugins)
  • Marketing portal to provide detailed information about products (feeds importer, FAQ, Glossary, meta tags, media management with IMCE
  • Integration with legacy applications using web services (SOAP, XML RPC, JSON, Spring Remoting/Hessian)
  • Multi-tenancy, fast development, and fast deployment
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  • Extensive Content Managment (CMS) functionality
  • Complex publishing workflow
  • Extensive and multiple themes
  • High traffic and high visibility
  • Extensive admin capabilities
  • Several integrations to internal systems
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  • Portal for Sale of PDF reports on handicapping & pedigree information
  • Latest racing schedules, video feeds and realtime data
  • User management with accounting & payment processing
  • Data Warehousing, ETL & Report generation
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  • Portal for live concert promotion, ticketing and point-n-click seat selection
  • Web payments (Paypal IPN processing)
  • Assigned seat selection with visualization of seating arrangement
  • PDF e-tickets with QR codes 
  • Mobile ticket scanning and validation
  • Social media integration, rich client UI with jQuery
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  • Software as a service for charting and reporting
  • Insightful charts and graphs to convert vast amounts of data into knowledge
  • Google Chart Tools is used to generate charts in SVG
  • Developed a custom chart, Wind Rose, to visualize wind data in polar coordinates
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  • Custom development of specialized product types for Ubercart
  • Ubercart-based Subscription and Recurring Payments processing customizations
  • Integration with multiple payment processing services (Paypal & Google Checkout)
  • Automatic user role management based on notification from payment processing provider
  • Ubercart Address-book mangement for multiple billing and shipping addresses
  • Heavy patching to fix bugs in the Ubercart modules
  • Customized Ubercart coupon functionality
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  • E-Commerce web portal with shopping cart for a brick and mortar store (Ubercart with custom theming and Views)
  • Product catalog based on taxonomy (Views)
  • Complete payment and shipment processing (custom payment processing, triggers/actions, rules)
  • Discounts, coupons and product recommendations (marketing modules)
  • Import of large number of product details and images (bulk import of nodes)
  • SEO (search engine friendly product pages)
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