Our Work

Here is some of the work that we have done in the past. Feel free to take a look and get an idea for the type of work and quality that we do for our clients!

  • Extensive Content Managment (CMS) functionality
  • Complex publishing workflow
  • Extensive and multiple themes
  • High traffic and high visibility
  • Extensive admin capabilities
  • Several integrations to internal systems
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  • Consumer portal to sell health, dental, life, supplimentary insurance and related products (heavy custom module coding, themeing and integration with other systems)
  • Highly configurable, interactive wizards to guide the consumer through a very complex buying decision (jQuery, AJAX, webforms)
  • E-Commerce with custom shopping cart and payment processing (jQuery, custom theme templates, AJAX posts to payment system)
  • Product catalog with side-by-side comparison of product features (views flipped tables, custom theme templates, views-bulk-operations/VBO, custom actions, views API hooks, custom views plugins)
  • Marketing portal to provide detailed information about products (feeds importer, FAQ, Glossary, meta tags, media management with IMCE
  • Integration with legacy applications using web services (SOAP, XML RPC, JSON, Spring Remoting/Hessian)
  • Multi-tenancy, fast development, and fast deployment
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  • Web communities around software engineering topics like agile, configuration and testing - multiple portals with shared users and content using domain access
  • Registration portal for training and conferences
  • Complex publishing workflow and content management of content authored by experts
  • Mass migration of data, content and users from legacy portals (over 100,000 registered users)
  • CRM, payment processing, newsletters
  • Social media integration, ad-server integration, user analytics and several Web 2.0 API integrations
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  • Portal for Sale of PDF reports on handicapping & pedigree information
  • Latest racing schedules, video feeds and realtime data
  • User management with accounting & payment processing
  • Data Warehousing, ETL & Report generation
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  • Portal for live concert promotion, ticketing and point-n-click seat selection
  • Web payments (Paypal IPN processing)
  • Assigned seat selection with visualization of seating arrangement
  • PDF e-tickets with QR codes 
  • Mobile ticket scanning and validation
  • Social media integration, rich client UI with jQuery
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