By integrating strategy, design, and development we produce better products and create more delightful experiences. You save money and launch faster.

Modern Web Apps // Drupal & Wordpress // Web & Mobile Hybrid // RESTful Services // Cloud, Linux, Integration, Back-End Processing

Modern Web Applications


Modern web applications use HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX and REST services and turn them into a delightful user experience, while gaining simplicity, elegance and speed (of development as well as performance). We also focus on integrating them with different Content Management Systems - an island of applications in an ocean of content. Combining the best of both worlds is how we see modern web application development.

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript apps
  • jQuery, ReactJS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Foundation, GWT ...
  • Node.js, Firebase, Websockets, XMPP ...
  • Cloud - Dedicated servers, VPS, AWS, Google AppEngine ...
  • SASS, LESS, CoffeeScript, Closure tools ...
  • Mobile web apps, PhoneGap/Cordova, jQuery Mobile
  • Chrome Apps and Extensions

CMS - Drupal & Wordpress


Drupal is one of the most flexible and configurable Content Management Systems powering millions of web sites for that specific reason. When it comes to building a site from scratch, migrating one to Drupal or maintaining a site powered by Drupal, we are in our area of expertise.

  • Drupal 6, 7, & 8 - configuration, content and coding (custom module development)
  • Drupal performance optimization - memcache, APC, Varnish, nginx, CDN's
  • Drupal custom search, Apache SOLR integration
  • Advanced Drupal module development
  • Theme development (CSS, custom theme functions and templates)
  • Views, Panels, Context, Webforms, PDF generation etc.
  • Client-side interactivity with jQuery and Web 2.0 APIs (Google Maps etc.), ReactJS, AngularJS, Firebase etc.
  • Advanced data migration - from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, or even from another CMS to Drupal
  • Packaging and configuration (custom installation profiles, features) with full automation
  • Multiple published open source modules contributed to the community (hosted on
    • PRLP module - improved, custom password reset landing page.
    • Popular Tags module - user and site-admin friendly tagging of content
  • In addition to contributing code to, our developers are very active in the community. We organize local Drupal user group meetups and present at conferences.

Web & Mobile Hybrid Applications


Do you need a hybrid mobile application, a native mobile application, or a web mobile application? You are at the right place! We do them all.

  • Mobile responsive themes, HTML5, Webkit
  • Native mobile apps: Android & iOS
  • SMS & Texting (outbound), Push notifications on mobile
  • QR codes and barcode generation scanning for mobile devices

RESTful Services


When it comes to integration of applications or data consumption/distribution on the web, building a RESTful service is inevitable. We build modern web applications that consume and/or manipulate data using RESTful services. This approach allows us to create independent standalone web applications which can be integrated with various CMSs if and when needed. Keeping things modular allows us to produce results faster.

Cloud, Linux, Database, Integration, Back-End Processing


Knowing which tools are available and choosing the right tools are critical to the success of the project. We choose our tools wisely, giving our clients the optimal solution(s) for their needs.

  • LEMP/LAMP stack
    • Linux (Debian/Ubuntu, Red Hat/CentOS)
    • Nginx, Apache/IHS
    • MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL
    • PHP, Python, Perl
  • Systems administration
  • Backend automation using ssh, public keys, gpg, sftp, cron and shell scripting
  • SCM (Software Configuration Management)